Pesche al vino bianco

The peaches this summer have been spectacular!

The abundance and superior flavor of this season’s harvest means that we will be enjoying peaches in white wine, or pesche al vino bianco, as August comes to an end.

Peaches in wine is a quintessential summertime Italian dessert, a rite of summer in many households.  As often is the case, there are variations on the theme of pesche al vino. Red wine is frequently used.  Sometimes cloves or cinnamon is added.  Some people sweeten the dessert with a little sugar, as Stefano’s mother did for his brother Marco, sister Debora and him when they were children (yes, children).  Others add a dollop of whipping cream or serve the peaches and wine with a scoop of ice-cream.

We prefer to keep it simple: good peaches, and a nice, dry white wine.

White peaches are ideal for pesche al vino bianco.  The flesh of the white peach absorbs more wine than its yellow-fleshed cousin, and releases more of its delicate sweetness back into the wine.  Furthermore, the firm, smooth texture of the white peach maintains its consistency while marinating overnight in the wine.  Look for peaches that are ripe, but not overly mature.

We bathed the peaches in Falanghina, a southern Italian wine made from ancient vines in the Campania region, and one of our favorite whites.

Go ahead and make your cobblers, tarts and pies.  Pack peaches into your lunch boxes, and eat them any other way you can.  Just don’t let August come to an end without enjoying the elegant, classic Italian dessert, pesche al vino.

White peaches (one per person)
Dry white wine

Peel the peaches and slice them thinly into a bowl.  Add just enough wine to cover the peaches.  Let rest at room temperature for 2-3 hours.  Cover refrigerate overnight.  Serve chilled.

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3 Responses to Pesche al vino bianco

  1. Simona says:

    One of my father’s favorite ways of ending a meal in the summer is a peach with some red wine. The peaches in the photos indeed look gorgeous. We are having a good season here as well 🙂

  2. Joan says:

    Can’t wait to try it!

  3. Brigid says:

    Wow! We get Michigan peaches here and they have been fabulous! We will definitely try this and I know we will love it! Thanks!

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