Prosciutto e Melone

Hello, Friends.  We’re back!  We haven’t posted for a while because a needed back surgery sidelined Cara for the better part of last week. We are home again and after a week of hospital food, ready to get back in the kitchen.

Today for lunch we had Prosciutto e Melone, or cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto.  This is another classic Italian dish, best in summertime when melons are sweet and fragrant.  The sweetness of the cantaloupe is offset by the saltiness of the prosciutto, and you are left wondering just who was the first to realize how perfectly these two flavors go together.

Use a ripe cantaloupe and high quality prosciutto.  Ask them to cut the prosciutto thin, but not so thin that it tears easily.  Be sure that they separate each slice with plastic or specially purposed paper.

1 ripe cantaloupe
8-12 slices of prosciutto crudo

Cut your cantaloupe in half.

Scoop out the seeds from the center.  Cut each side lengthwise into 4-6 slices, depending on the size of your melon.  Use a knife to remove the rind from the melon.

Remove one slice of prosciutto from its paper backing.

Wrap the prosciutto around the center of the slice of cantaloupe and place it on a serving plate. Do the same with the remaining prosciutto and cantaloupe.  Pick then up and eat them as finger food.

We served this the classical way.  You can be inventive, however, and wrap smaller pieces of melon in prosciutto and spear them onto a skewer, or simply serve the prosciutto and canteloupe side by side with a fork and a knife.

We drank a wonderful Sicilian white wine called Insolia, produced by Cusumano.  The Insolia grape is indigenous to Sicily.  The wine has notable aromas of tropical fruit, a good minerality, and a medium acidity that enhances the saltiness of the prosciutto and the sweetness of the melon.

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3 Responses to Prosciutto e Melone

  1. Kathy Graham says:

    I was perusing your website for an idea for an appetizer to take to my monthly lunch with friends on Tuesday. Since the heat index is supposed to be over 100 degrees I was thinking about cool cucumbers but now I think your Prosciutto e Melone would be perfect! Now I just have to find a perfect cantaloup…….

  2. duespaghetti says:

    Prosciutto e Melone is a great choice, Kathy. It is simple to make, and pretty to look at and a really fun flavor combination – plus it will hold up in a heat wave. Happy cantaloup hunting!
    – Cara and Stefano

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