La Giulietta

Italians love their cars almost as much as their food and their wine.

While most cars out on the Italian strade and autostrade are the practical, small, 4-cylinder vehicles typical of European nations, there are a few models that symbolize Italian style, design and performance.  Our next car, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, is one of them.

The Giulietta is a historical car; first introduced at the Turin Motor Show in 1954, it remained in production until 1965 and became an immediate success.  The Giulietta symbolized the advent of the Italian engineering boom and became the car that everyone desired, earning it the nickname “Italy’s sweetheart.”

In 2010 Alfa Romeo launched the refashioned Giulietta at the Geneva Motor show to great acclaim, revitalizing the company’s image and exciting passionisti of Alfa Romeo world-wide.  We test drove the Alfa Romeo when we were in Rome last December, and it is in fact a car to fall in love with.  Sporty, sleek, petite but powerful, Car and Driver says it “sizzles.”  When it finally comes to the U.S. hopefully by 2014, we will be the first in line to place our order.

Read what the Wall Street Journal says about the Giulietta:

See Car and Driver’s review of the Giulietta:

Link to Alfa Romeo’s Giulietta webpage:

See two of Alfa Romeo’s Giulietta video ads:



Cara: “Stefano, what do Italians love more – their food and wine, or their cars?”
Stefano: “Their women.”

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3 Responses to La Giulietta

  1. Tami Kobienia says:

    You are luring me into the kitchen! Who would have thought that possible! I cook to survive, to feed my family, but self admittedly I rarely enjoy it. But, with a little self reflection, I realize this is due to poor planning and boredom.
    I’m excited to follow your blog, to learn the art of italian cooking, and just maybe….to learn to enjoy my time in the kitchen!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • duespaghetti says:

      Actually Tami, Italian cooking can be really quite simple. It’s a matter of using fresh, quality ingredients, and then knowing what flavors go together well. Soon we will post our summer pasta salad. It is easy, and you can use the tomatoes and basil straight from your garden. Start with this, and then report back.

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